Shopping Mall Mobile Strategy

What is Your Plan?

If you don't have a mobile strategy, you don't have a future strategy.

- Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, 2013 is the last year you can wait to develop a mobile strategy

In fact, 84% of smartphone shoppers use their phones while in a physical store.

- Goolge Think Insights, How Mobile Is Transforming the Shopping Experience in Stores

A well-built, innovative app will increase the average amount of time spent on your properties, and in turn, your sales per square foot. An app offers insight and data that you can leverage to better understand your customer.

- Andrea Sirota, ICSC - Enhancing the Shopping Center Experience through a Custom Mobile App

What Is Your Mobile Strategy?

  • Encourage shoppers to spend more time in the mall.
  • Get deep insights into your mall's digital footfalls and shoppers' behaviour.
  • Enhance the shopping experience.
  • Create new channel to reach shoppers; in and out of the mall.
  • Make shoppers into mall's ambassador.
  • Increase mall sales per square foot.

We have the right mobile app platform for you.

Do You Have Mobile Users?

Whatever your mobile strategies maybe, you need mobile users to ensure successful execution.

Acquiring mobile users takes time. It's never too early to start.

Our proven Mall App Platform is the perfect turn-key solution for you.

Start acquiring mobile users today!

Mall App Platform

Features & Roadmap


Adapt your mobile strategy with deep insights into shoppers' behaviour.


Make successful viral marketing campaign happen with social media integration.


Advertise promotion in real-time with push notification. Shoppers will never miss a beat.


Reward shoppers instantly with coupons are pushed directly into their phones.

2D/3D Indoor Map

Equip your mall with modern indoor maps comparable to Google Maps. With compass orientation!


Help shoppers navigate your mall. They will spend more time shopping and less time getting lost.


Enable indoor GPS and proximity detection. The mall experience will never be the same again!


Help shoppers find the right shops. So they don't leave the mall empty handed.


Provide the best end-to-end shopping experience. Help shoppers find their cars after shopping.


Reach out to your shoppers even when they are not in the mall. Anytime, anywhere.


Talk to your customers. The inimitable experience of a human conversation.

More to come

Our Featured Client

  • Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
  • 700 shops
  • 4 million square feets
  • Top ten largest mall in the world

  • Analytics into mall's digital footfall and shoppers' behaviour.
  • Navigation help shoppers spend more time shopping and less time getting lost.
  • Reach out to shoppers; in and out of the mall.
  • Mobile user base create new marketing possibilities.

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